Paid Services

          IBI Factor is a free service and we would like to keep it that way in the future too.


          In addition to indexing and abstracting services, we provide manuscript editing services. 


          These are paid services. We provide Formatting, English Language Editing, Content Editing and Reference Correction services. The following is the price list for these paid services (assuming that the average word count for each article is around 2,500 words)-


Level 1- Formatting and Alignment of an Article- USD 10/ Article

Level 2- Level 1+ English Language Editing- USD 22/ Article

Level 3- Level 2+ Content Editing ( correcting medical terms in medical journals and technical terms in science-technology journals)- USD 37/ Article

Level 4- Level 3+ Reference Corrections ( We will rearrange references in the style of your preference. E.g.- Vancouver Style)- USD 45/-


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